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The Client

A global consultancy with over 200,000 employees worldwide, this company has local and international learning programmes as well as an internal University. 

The Challenge

Two key challenges. The first was to improve feedback scores and learner engagement in the classroom. The second was to ensure the key philosophies and performance improvement points were clear to the participants. 

The Approach

I was brought in to find more dynamic and engaging ways to enhance the learning. Rather than the traditional formal approach of end on powerpoint delivery, I added specific experiential and coaching challenges  to the program that encouraged the participants to own their learning and work collaboratively. In addition to this, I also engaged the participants in exercises that engaged both their mind and their body, building an Open Space, Experiential, philosophy into the programme. All this was achieved without changes to the slide deck or the core objective of the workshop.

The Result

Feedback scores increased from an average of 80% to over 92%. Sign up to the programme increased in line with these statistics due to word of mouth. I have since been asked to facilitate this workshop and others in other parts of the business as well as across Europe.  The greatest accomplishment here for me was that people connect with me on LinkedIn and that I have been contacted by participants from around the world looking for insights on their other challenges. 

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